Uyuni and The Salt Flats

We drove into Uyuni on our small chicken bus from Potosi. Driving into Uyuni I noticed rubbish... rubbish as far as the eye could see scattered all through the desert. Beyond the rubbish there was a vast, barren dry landscape. From what I'd heard about Uyuni, it's a 'get in get out' scenario, so we had planned for just that. Arriving in Uyuni, Bolivia Uyuni is a tiny town in a desert area of Bolivia. There are dirt streets and not much more, [...]

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Potosi, Bolivia – Mines and Shitty Buses…

Our bus ride from La Paz to Potosi was a once in a life time opportunity... one of those 'learning type opportunities' that you slot under useful experiences in the back of your mind, should you ever be in the same space again... to ensure you make different decisions next time. It was a night bus, and our hostel in La Paz (Wild Rovers) had booked the bus tickets for us. Given the cost of the ticket, I assumed they had booked us onto an El Dorado bus, [...]

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Welcome to the Jungle – Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

Think hot, humid and sticky. So humid you're dripping in sweat, you've never been so hot in your entire life. You're wandering how you could possibly get cooler, you consider cutting the ass cheeks out of your underwear, just to be wearing less clothing. Welcome to the Jungle... Rurrenabaque is in the north east of Bolivia, about a 45 minute flight from La Paz (or a 24 hour bus ride down a dry river bed for the more adventurous). Rurrenabaque airport is a dirt runway with [...]

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Getting Dirty in La Paz

“In La Paz you will get taken for a ride” That's what a friend told me before I left for this trip. Now I understand. I'd go as far as saying that I'm a true believer, and that this applies to Bolivia in general. Everyone, from the hostel… to the bus company… to the laundry lady. It’s a bit like a ‘smash and grab’. If you stand out as being from a western country it’s pretty much a definite, if you’re petite and blonde you can add [...]

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Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca

I'm sitting on the edge of a balcony of a small hostel looking out over Lake Titicaca and the outline of Isla del Sol at sunset. There are other people dotted around the place, all in hiking gear and all of which seem to have stumbled upon this place too. The view is absolutely stunning. Isla del Sol, Bolivia Isla del Sol is a small island on Lake Titicaca, two hours from the town of Copacabana in Bolivia. Upon hearing that it's known as the [...]

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Copacabana, Bolivia

I took my first bus named Copacabana to Copacabana… how fitting. Little did I know there would be many more buses bearing this name on my South American journey. Copacabana is a small hippy type town on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca. It was my first border crossing and it went relatively smoothly. Lake Titicaca is a lot nicer from the Bolivian side, and Copacabana is a nice little chilled out place with a completely different vibe to Puno in Peru. Copacabana Bolivia Hostelworld only has [...]

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