The system just isn’t for me… You see, I have this hankering for freedom and a constant itch under the soles of my feet to see the world…

Time as a Traveller started out as my own personal travel journal. A snapshot of life from a travellers eye mixed together with a healthy dose of humor, a dash of wit… an occasional tug on the heart string… and, as it turned out, inspiration for others. In 2016, I opened it up as a community space. I love reading travellers stories, surely I can't be the only one...

Reading other travel blogs, I'd often find a wealth of brilliant "How To's" but not often the travel stories that formed them. The real, feet in the earth type stuff... the soul of the journey. The travel stories were the first thing I would search for and more often than not, I was left wanting. So, I decided to open up my travel blog as a community space for just that... a place to share our travel stories and memories. A place where you can read the stories behind the How To's, the stories of the people guiding you on your journey. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as we have... 

My Story?

Cuzco Peru Hat

Sacred Valley, Cuzco

The freedom of travel is intoxicating to me. I had my first taste of world travel at the age of 17 when I went on an exchange year to Brazil. This started a love affair with world travel that would always leave me wanting.

My itchy feet held out until I finished uni, then they finally got the better of me. I left home for a year in London… that was in 2005. You see, each country I visited seemed to elicit a list of more rather than less… and the journey of long-term travel and expat living continued until 2013. Not only did I love world travel, I loved writing about it and capturing it. Time as a Traveller was born in 2012, when I moved my memories over from my old Travelpod account (although some are still floating around in the abyss, waiting for me to hit publish).

Where have I been?

I’ve Travelled to 50+ countries, throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and North America often alone (although I have done the occasional overland trip), always on a budget and with my backpack strapped to my back.

I’ve lived in Brazil, London, Belfast, Wales, Mexico, and Canada (and had a random stint in Darwin, but that's a story for another day).

I’ve tried to come home and left again... more than once. I’ve tried life every way possible and found that On The Road with my Freedom intact is where I feel most at home, and where my life becomes extraordinary...


Kim at Valle de La Luna, Chile

Who am I?

Skydiving, Swakopmund Namibia

Skydiving, Swakopmund Namibia

I am an Australian. I am from Melbourne. I am a traveller. Once upon a time I was an Occupational Therapist and contracted in acute hospitals all over the UK… once upon a time.

I’ve looked death in the face under a raft on the Zambizi river. I’ve been thrown out of a plane over the desert in Namibia and been thrown off a camel in the desert in Morocco (with the bruised bum to show for it). I’ve hiked through knee deep snow in Patagonia, marveled at the Rose City of Petra and the ruined temples of Baalbek, and survived the seas between Colombia and Panama. I’ve slept in hammocks, tents, the back of overland trucks, huddled up in chicken buses, and have mastered the art of sleeping through both take-off and landing on an airplane.

I learnt half of my Spanish from a small Mexican cook named Berta while I washed dishes in a kitchen on a Caribbean island and the other half from singing along to Ricky Martin (yes… really).

I know what The Waifs mean when they sing "I'm in London... Still", and I know what it feels like to yearn for home and feared it equally and at the same time.

Parque Tayrona, Colombia

Parque Tayrona, Colombia

My passport is my most prized possession and my trophy room, and I will freely admit to sleeping with it tucked away in my underwear if I ever thought it was in danger.

I think the sand dunes of the Sahara desert at dusk are the most spectacular sight in the whole world, but I have a strange affinity with the Atacama Desert in Chile that I can't quite place...

I believe that freedom is a choice… a niggling thought in the back of your mind that you yearn for and fear equally, but once you succumb to it your life will become extraordinary.

I am skilled at the art of fitting life into less than 20kg.

Arequipa, Peru