Overnight bus travel in South America – A Survival Guide

July 28th, 2017|Blog, South America, Survival Guides, Travel Savvy|

I love travelling by night bus in South America. There's a sentence you won't hear often. But I do, I LOVE IT. Most people will give an array of horrid cramped experiences. And they're telling you the truth, it's a tough experience. But a wonderful one. Why do I love night bus travel in South America?

Passport to an Underwater World

July 14th, 2017|Blog, Thailand, Travel Stories|

It is well known to those who know me that I have fears. I am scared of the dark, spiders, germs, boats, the sea, cliffs, elevators, bugs, strong winds, dogs, trucks, basically anything that can kill me, maim me, or give me a stiff fright. It then begs the question, why did I agree to do a diving course?

How to manage your money when travelling in Latin America

January 6th, 2017|Blog, Central America, Featured, South America, Travel Savvy|

"How could you be so complacent as to arrive with no money??? You've travelled the world... for years.... How could you possibly have let this happen???" That was all I could hear from the voice inside my head as I stood at the baggage carousel...

A Tribute to my fallen Brother

June 2nd, 2016|Blog, Freedom, Journey 2012 - The Freedom Days, Off Topics|

My younger brother was determined to live his life to the fullest to his very last breath. Among many amazing things, Bryce was also a traveller. When life threw him a massive curve ball he strapped on his backpack and off he went. Intent on Living.

“I Have Seen Too Much Of This World… I Am Not A Good Slave”

November 2nd, 2012|Blog, Freedom, Off Topics|

I firmly believe that if you have your freedom, and you are lucky enough to have love, then happiness is yours. When I think about my travels over the past 7 years it all comes down to two things… my freedom and my passion. For [...]

My Disgusting Backpack – Step-by-step guide to Cleaning Your Backpack

October 22nd, 2012|Blog, Featured, Travel Preparation, Travel Savvy|

My backpack is important to me. As a perpetual nomad my backpack is my home, my friend, my one true constant from one adventure to the next. But most importantly... it's where I keep my stuff. My backpack has been through some tough shit... literally, [...]

Bocas to San Jose – a note on border crossings…

July 24th, 2012|Blog, Central America, Costa Rica, Journey 2012 - The Freedom Days, Panama, Travel Stories|

Border Crossings…. The intrigue, The mystery…. the unknown… Oh how I love border crossing days. Bryce, crossing borders You never really know how your day is going to pan out and how long it will take to get from A to B… or if you’ll [...]

The Bocas Effect…

July 22nd, 2012|Blog, Central America, Featured, Freedom, Journey 2012 - The Freedom Days, Panama, Travel Stories|

The Bocas Effect:  “A Sudden feeling of euphoria secondary to the independent removal of societies noose by an individual.  Symptoms include: relaxation, laughter, smiling… at everyone, fun, befriending of random strangers, deep breathing, potential for superhuman powers, the absence of time, the absence of any feelings of guilt, [...]

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