A Tribute to my fallen Brother

My younger brother was determined to live his life to the fullest to his very last breath. Among many amazing things, Bryce was also a traveller. When life threw him a massive curve ball he strapped on his backpack and off he went. Intent on Living.

“I Have Seen Too Much Of This World… I Am Not A Good Slave”

I firmly believe that if you have your freedom, and you are lucky enough to have love, then happiness is yours. When I think about my travels over the past 7 years it all comes down to two things… my freedom and my passion. For me, To travel is to breathe. I strap on my backpack and my feet take me off into the world. I do it on the cheap, I travel for months and months on end. I see new cultures, I learn [...]

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The Bocas Effect…

The Bocas Effect:  “A Sudden feeling of euphoria secondary to the independent removal of societies noose by an individual.  Symptoms include: relaxation, laughter, smiling… at everyone, fun, befriending of random strangers, deep breathing, potential for superhuman powers, the absence of time, the absence of any feelings of guilt, a general disregard for authority that is not in line with common sense followed by the making of ones own rules."  -Kimberley Casey, 2012 Most commonly known to occur on the islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama (although recent sightings [...]

Journey 2012 – The Freedom Days

2012 a year of change as prophesy would have it. Whether it be destruction... enlightenment... truth... 2012 appears to be the year where big changes are made, where the lines are drawn in the sand. Both globally and for a lot of people, personally. For me? Well to be honest, 2011 was so utterly rubbish that I'll take the change. Whatever that may be. In 2011 I thought my traveling days were over. I arrived home after five years away and attempted to settle back into real life and society [...]

Leaving London – One Last Dash for Freedom…

I left London…    I finally left London.    You see, I hadn’t planned on staying for 4 years. I had planned on staying for one… then one year became two… two became three and so on. I’m not the first and I definitely wont be the last to have found herself in this situation… most of us tend to get caught up in London. After all, London life was... nice... very nice in fact. I turned contract after contract interspersed with months of travel [...]

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