We arrived in Cartagena via a lovely air conditioned minibus named Miramar. We stayed at Viajero hostel, which is inside the city walls of the old town (rather than Getsemane like most) and spent two days relaxing and checking out the town – well other than the first night when the hostel literally set up a dj right outside our dorm room. The highlight was sitting on top of the city walls at Café del Mar and watching the sunset over the horizon.

Cartagena is gorgeous by night, and is best told by photos…

Hitching… Anthony style.

Cafe del Mar, Cartagena

The boys and the bar…

Cartagena by Night

The man and the hat, getting serious in Cartagena by night

Cartagena by Night


Old Town by Night… (my favourite)

What’s your favourite?

Kimberley Casey

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