As independent travellers, we’ve done it all ourselves and created our own paths. We’ve made incredible memories and have valuable lessons and knowledge to share from the most remote corners of the globe.

Our Travel Hub was created as a community space to share it.

We love new, original content but we also get that most stories cannot be told twice. So we also invite you to submit content you’ve already published on your own site. We will feature it with your permission and provide a link back to your original post. The rule with this, however, is that it can only appear on your site and here, nowhere else.

Don’t have a blog? You’re not alone. Interestingly, the people I know who have travelled the most often don’t have travel blogs. This is a space where you can write your heart out, we can link to whichever social media profile’s you may have.

How to Contribute

Our focus is our travel stories, followed by how we did it, our knowledge and our resources.

Ideally, we like our contributors to tell their travel stories as well as their insights. It’s our stories that connect us and inspire others. If this doesn’t work for you please let us know, we are a work in progress. We are also a travel resource hub and are here to share your worldly knowledge, so please feel free to pitch anything you think will fit our travel hub even if it doesn’t fit with a specific travel story.

We love an article with character. You won’t find a generic “how to quit your day job and travel the world” type of post here, because we think that’s pretty intuitive. We’d prefer to know what happened when you left, your stories from the road, what you learnt, and what you’d tell me going in your footsteps. The real stuff, written in your own voice with your own character.

Our Categories

Our Travel Stories: This is our focus. From the hilarious to the disastrous, to your confessions to the sunset. These are the stories we want to tell. Funny, quirky, awkward, witty, hilarious, peace-filled, soulful… you name it. A snapshot of life from a traveller’s eye.

Our Guides: Show others how to do what you’ve done, go where you’ve been, walk in your footsteps, have your adventures. Destination specific How To’s.

Travel Savvy – Our Travel Tips: A space to publish your travel know how’s and share all that oooooozy gorgeous knowledge you’ve accumulated from the road that only a traveller knows. Including packing lists, preparation tips, how to fight off a bear, etc etc.

Travel by Images – A post of images. Anything from “putting yourself in the way of beauty” to “me and my camel having a wine at sunset”.

The Off-Topics: Travel brings with it a certain… perspective. Life is seen differently through the eyes of the traveller, both on the road and once we’ve come home. We love to capture this. It’s called the Off-Topics. And for some reason, these are quite popular.

What Guest Writers get in return

We will include your bio and photo at the end of your post, including a link to your website and social media accounts. We will also share the post across our social media platforms and list it in our newsletter. If you have previously published the post on your own site, we will attribute this and link back to the original post. At this time we are unable to pay for submissions, but we hope that paid opportunities may exist in the future as the team grows.

Submission Guidelines (…the nitty gritty)

  1. Your stories must be your own experiences. They can’t be something you heard from someone else. And you must have actually travelled to the places you’re writing about. This is obvious, but it must be said. (We’ve received submissions based on google searches before.)
  2. The posts you submit must be your own original content. By submitting you confirm that there has been no plagiarism.
  3. You may include external links to relevant content, but they may be removed if we don’t find them appropriate. We may occasionally link to relevant content from within our website in your post (most likely at the end).
  4. Images – Any photos submitted must be your own, or creative commons, copyright-free, or legitimately purchased with rights for use from a photography site. Please respect the work of others and attribute images to the source. If you do not have images we can source them for you.
  5. Submissions must not be self-promotional or include marketing links. We will promote you and your website in the bio section. However, if you’ve created your own Independent Travel Guide e-books from your travels, please feel free to contact us about featuring them.
  6. Approval to edit – We may edit your submission for spelling, grammar, and ease of reading if needed.
  7. Approval for use – Upon submitting your post to Time as a Traveller, you grant us permission to publish it on our website, share it across our social media platforms and potentially list it in our newsletter.
  8. Approval for affiliate links – We may occasionally insert affiliate links if they are relevant. These will only be for travel items or resources (not your personal travel stories). You may not include your own affiliate links in a submitted post.
  9. Other Websites/Blogs – A work of writing you submit to Time as a Traveller must not be a guest blog on any other website than your own.

If you are a business/brand/company looking for coverage on our site, or for sponsored posts, please contact us about Working with Us. Please respect the hard work we do and don’t ask for free promotional coverage. 

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