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Independent Travellers, inspiring extraordinary life experiences.

We are a Travel Hub made by savvy Independent Travellers for anyone who has ever wanted to see the world. We share our travel stories, we inspire, we guide others.

From the adventurous, disastrous, hilarious, quirky, bizarre, fly by the seat of your pants to the grounded, peaceful, soulful moments... these are our travel stories. They don't age... you can't get a better deal... they're frozen in time, in all their imperfect perfection. Travel has made our lives extraordinary, and here we remember that... and guide others on their journey. 

The Freedom of Travel and going your own way is at our coreā€¦ it is our essence.

Our mission is to share the experiences that informed the insights. We want to create a global community of independent travellers that inspires others to create extraordinary life experiences. To act as guides, and to share our savvy travel knowledge.

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