On Arriving – Santa Marta, Colombia

Dear Anthony and Bryce, It's 5:32am in Canada… I can barely convey how tired I am. Thankfully, I’m being fed coffee. I have 4 flights over the next 24 hours… and many hours in airports.I feel rubbish, but through my hazy eyes I can tell you that I have never been so excited about my travel companions. See u in Colombia, Sis xo The three of us were coming from three different directions to meet up in Santa Marta on the north coast of Colombia. I [...]

Journey 2012 – The Freedom Days

2012 a year of change as prophesy would have it. Whether it be destruction... enlightenment... truth... 2012 appears to be the year where big changes are made, where the lines are drawn in the sand. Both globally and for a lot of people, personally. For me? Well to be honest, 2011 was so utterly rubbish that I'll take the change. Whatever that may be. In 2011 I thought my traveling days were over. I arrived home after five years away and attempted to settle back into real life and society [...]

The Magic of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is everything that everyone raves about and more. It's a big city, with even bigger character. After the 52 hour bus ride up from Ushuaia, we stumbled into Terrazas Estoril hostel on Avenida de Mayo smelling the worst I've smelt in a long time but feeling like heros. Our dorm room  was a small dome room on the roof of the hostel. There was a pool just outside the door... a very cool blow up baby pool. I immediately loved the hostel and the [...]

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Ushuaia to Buenos Aires – The 52 hour Bus Ride…

Crazy? Yes Alternative options? No. I was at the End of the World after all... Ushuaia Argentina, Distance to here... Any sane person would take a flight. I'd take a flight, if there were any... but there was a two week wait. Booking a flight ahead of time would have required planning, and in Patagonia we were already planning 2 weeks in advance, which was quite enough for this trip heavily based around Freedom. We asked the receptionist at our hostel where we [...]

Tierra del Fuego. The Land of Fire.

You can't expect the most southerly inhabited town in the world to be easy to get to by road. Leaving Puerto Natales in Chile the journey went a little something like this... 2 buses, one side of the road switch to a bus going in the opposite direction, 1 border crossing, 1 ferry, and 1 minibus with a trailer attached driving through the mountains... 14 hours later and I arrived in Tierra del Fuego. The land of Fire. Tierra del Fuego, Argentina It [...]

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Torres del Paine – Puerto Natales, Chile

Puerto Natales as a town is a small, relatively out of the way kind of place. There's not a whole lot going on there, and it's not the sort of place you'd visit for the town alone. People come to Puerto Natales for Torres del Paine National Park. It's undoubtedly the most popular hike inPatagonia. There are two options for hiking, the 4-5 day 'W' circuit or the 8-9 day full circuit. Since we were on to the third hike in 3 weeks we opted [...]

Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate

After the hike and the bed bug saga of El Chalten I was ready to move on. We decided not only to move hostels, but to move town... A three and a half hour bus ride south from El Chalten is a town called El Calafate, about 5 times the size of El Chalten and home to Perito Moreno Glacier. As it turns out, every tourist within a 500km radius had also decided to head to El Calafate, so it was Goodbye sacred quiet of the [...]

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Monte Fitz Roy – The Final Days of Spooney-Forkey

After 32 hours on the road we staggered off our Route 40 bus at 6am into the rain, fog, and icy cold winds of El Chalten. El Chalten is a small town in Patagonia in Argentina, about 3.5 hours north of El Calafate. It is set at the top end of Parque Nacional de Los Glaciers and is famous for Monte Fitz Roy, the jagged peak of which can be seen stretching skyward out of the national park on a clear day. I had been told [...]

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Route 40 Patagonia – Join the Joyride

This blog post is dedicated to the original Doughnut. You and your pink sun visor would have made this ride that little bit more special. Route 40, Patagonia, Argentina. The long and winding road... very long and very winding. Route 40 stretches south from Bariloche, hugging the Chilean border. Its a long stretch of winding road through flat desert, most of the road is dirt track. I'd been warned about Route 40, everything from it being the slowest and most boring bus ride known to [...]

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Knee Deep in Snow – Hiking Frey, Patagonia

"A bit of snow maybe, but you should be fine if you've got some hiking experience", was the information from the guy at Club Andino Bariloche, the local hiking association. A great resource and the place to visit before hiking in the local area. He also gave us a map, a route, and gave me a concerned look…. "ah, you hike before?"…. "Not much…. well actually I have zero hiking experience…. but my friend here, he is the most experienced hiker I have ever met, I'm [...]

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