Cuzco, Peru

Turbulence. Lots of turbulence. So much turbulence, that the airplane started to feel more and more like a dehydrated tin box tumbling around thousands of feet in the air with me strapped inside, narrowly avoiding collision with the Andes mountains. There was a small, elderly Peruvian lady sitting next to me, dressed in traditional clothing with long grey plaits of hair… her head was bowed, eyes closed, hands clasped together in prayer… cue more turbulence and images of ‘death via Andes collision' became ever more [...]

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Lima, Peru – Starting Out…

I finally packed up my gear and left London. It had been a four year temporary lifestyle. Four years of locum work and travelling the world. Time for one last adventure, one last dash for freedom before arriving home to start a permanent life. Travelling through South and Central America. My dream trip, I had been planning this for years... The plan: Start in Lima, travel south through Peru, Bolivia and Chile, and down to the tip of Patagonia. Then bus up through Argentina, travel [...]

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