Knee Deep in Snow – Hiking Frey, Patagonia

December 19th, 2009|Argentina, Blog, Patagonia, South America, Travel Stories|

"A bit of snow maybe, but you should be fine if you've got some hiking experience", was the information from the guy at Club Andino Bariloche, the local hiking association. A great resource and the place to visit before hiking in the local area. He also [...]

Pucon, Chile

December 14th, 2009|Blog, Chile, Patagonia, South America, Travel Stories|

Heading out of Santiago we ventured south towards Patagonia, stopping at Pucon in Chile along the way. Leaving the sunshine and in-pool bar of La Casa Roja in Santiago was difficult. It would be the perfect place to get stuck for a while, but the mountains were beckoning [...]

Childhood Dreams – San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

December 2nd, 2009|Blog, Chile, South America, Travel Stories|

San Pedro de Atacama Street, Chile Ever since I was a child I’ve been enchanted by Chile. Maybe it was a past life, who knows, but I have always longed to visit the Atacama desert in Northern Chile. Driving into Chile the the stark contrasts [...]

Potosi, Bolivia – Mines and Shitty Buses…

November 26th, 2009|Blog, Bolivia, South America, Travel Stories|

Our bus ride from La Paz to Potosi was a once in a life time opportunity... one of those 'learning type opportunities' that you slot under useful experiences in the back of your mind, should you ever be in the same space again... to ensure you make different [...]

Welcome to the Jungle – Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

November 22nd, 2009|Blog, Bolivia, South America, Travel Stories|

Think hot, humid and sticky. So humid you're dripping in sweat, you've never been so hot in your entire life. You're wandering how you could possibly get cooler, you consider cutting the ass cheeks out of your underwear, just to be wearing less clothing. Welcome [...]

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