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“We knew a different life. We were tough… rugged… worn.

Our faces were creased with the rays of endless summers, smile lines etched into the corners of our mouths and eyes. The soles of our feet were rough… firmly grounded. Our skin scraped and toughened. Our hands had touched memory… our tongues had spoken different languages… our minds were as clear as the early morning sky in a hot summer. We knew, in the moments that had been, why we were here. We felt our own presence.

We were not beautiful in the conventional sense. But our eyes sparkled, imprinted with the beauty of the far corners of the earth. Our souls shone with this brightness… our hearts burned… for we had lived.

We had lived each day intentionally. We had felt awe. We had experienced life. Real life on our terms. The way we chose. We had no boundaries. Life was ours for the taking and we grabbed onto it with both hands. It was our time…

… it was our Time as Travellers… ” – K.Casey

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